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Our program is free to the community and also connects students and their families with local community resources.

About YouAnd LA

Brought to you by Phoenix House California and its community partners, YouAnd LA is a virtual program designed to build resiliency among Los Angeles youth during challenging times of social isolation, disruption in education, and loss of emotional and financial security.

The interactive program offers K-12 students a fun and engaging curriculum that focuses on connectedness and skills to promote social and emotional well-being, such as developing healthy identities, regulating emotions, developing empathy for others, establishing and maintaining supportive relationships, and making responsible and caring decisions as alternatives to risk-taking behaviors.

Self Awareness  •  Responsible Decision Making  •  Self Management  •  Relationship Skills  •  Social Awareness

Students are encouraged to practice and apply the important skills they are learning through videos, activities and workbooks.


you and your thoughts

Become aware of how your thinking impacts how you feel and what you do. In this video, you’ll discover how to honor your unique journey and claim your power. Learn how to shape your thoughts through self-compassion and shift your thinking to promote positive feelings and behaviors.


you and your power

Empower yourself to respond to substance use in your community. In this video, you’ll learn how to remove the shame around substance use, important facts about opioid use and accidental overdose, and how to support others who may be struggling with substance use as well as resources and healthy coping skills.

Local community resources range from mental health services, substance use prevention and treatment, financial, education, and legal support, family services, and more.

Resources and Referrals

family services

Resources that promote child safety and well-being, offer peer support and services for LGBTQ+ youth and allies in crisis, and provide assistance for individuals and families experiencing homelessness or are at-risk of becoming homeless.

financial, legal and educational support

A list of local food banks, k-12 and college education, vocational training, emergency shelters and domestic violence prevention services, free legal services and support for victims of crime.

inpatient/outpatient subStance use

A wide range of substance abuse services throughout Los Angeles County including youth addiction rehab programs, outpatient treatment, residential treatment, inpatient medical detox, individual and group counseling, family therapy, substance screening, crisis services, prevention and support groups.

physical/mental health services

Resources for affordable medical, dental and mental health care including outpatient primary care, specialty care and surgical services, outpatient psychiatric, medication support, psychological testing, parenting classes, and individual, family and group therapy.

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